COVID-19- Keep Calm & Carry On with Sketts!

Update - 6th March 2020

We are receiving many queries over the coronavirus and events that are taking place and we would like provide reassurance to all our stall holders. At this present time we shall be keeping our website up to date with all new information received from our industry partner, NCASS who are taking advice from the relevant professionals. All events shall be going ahead as planned unless otherwise contacted.

A few quick points for all stall holders taken from NCASS website which will hopefully give you bit of peace of mind

We advise businesses to be vigilant in their adherence of both food hygiene and personal hygiene. Effective hand washing is essential in preventing bacteria spreading to food.

Surfaces such as stainless steel and wood do not seem to harbor viruses such as Covid-19, plastic on the other hand, does. Therefore, extra vigilance should be paid when storing food in plastic containers. The most likely places for the virus to spread are in the home, at school or in the workplace. Equally it is less likely they will pick the virus up at outdoor events than on a crowded underground or in a packed pub after a football match.

We would like to ask that all stall holders should carry anti bacterial hand gel with them or hand sufficient hand washing facilities while trading at all events.

If you wish to read more of the NCASS article please click on the blow link:

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