COVID-19: Shopping locally currently is surely a win win?!

After yesterdays emergency Cobra committee to discuss the coronavirus outbreak we wanted to update you for our plans on the markets for the next couple of days.

We will still be going ahead with all events currently planned until further notice.

The reason why? With the current information we have, It is highly unlikely people will pick up the virus walking in the street or shopping etc as transmission is generally by close contact. Equally it is less likely they will pick the virus up at outdoor events than on a crowded underground or in a packed pub after a football match.

Another factor you should take in to consideration is all of the food on our farmers markets are sourced and grown within a 50 mile radius (or as local as possible) of the market location, personally I prefer to eat locally sourced food and support small local business's anyway but I defiantly will be with the current situation the world is in.

A final point, as you would have seen for yourself either in person, on the news or social media, supermarkets options are currently very restricted and limited with what is on offer, our markets will be stocked as normal!

So surely that means shopping at your outdoors local farmers & retail market is a win win?!

It would be great to support our small local business's financially while we can so please pop down to see us at either the below locations and events

Saturday 14th March:

-Harborne Farmers Market

-Kidderminster Retail Market

-Redditch Retail Market

Monday 16th March:

-Redditch Retail Market

Tuesday 17th March:

-Redditch Retail Market

However saying that, if you are showing symptoms please do take the NHS advice seriously, If you are unable to come and visit your local market see if a friend, family member or even a neighbour can come and pick up your essentials, lets all come together at this difficult time!

If you are unsure of the symptoms and actions to take please follow the NHS link below

If you are trading at one of our events this weekend please ensure you are following all the health and safety precautions and add more in place when needed to show we are committed to the continuity of our markets to being a safe place to visit/trade.

For example;

- You have Efficient hand washing facility's and you have the correct PPE in place.

- If you have the facilities to, advertise that you accept card payments as well as cash

- Ensure all food is covered

- Sterilising touch points on a regular basis with disinfectant

- Help get the word out that we are still going ahead with markets and the benefit to shop there

Check out Harborne's Farmers Market lineup!

We hope you all have a great weekend and remember, #catchitbinitkillit


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